Drop Water creates customized drinks with locally sourced water into 100% compostable containers.

Their Drop Stations help eliminate the need for plastic bottles of water by bottling at the customer, which enables the use of eco-friendly materials in their packaging.

When KitchenTown introduced Drop Water to DSM, the largest nutrition company in the world, both companies immediately saw an opportunity to collaborate and add value to an already innovative product. With DSM’s expertise and access to nutritional ingredients, Drop Water was inspired to add vitamins as functional ingredients to their drink menu. Their first Drop Station launched in San Jose International Airport in November 2018 and they are looking forward to expanding rapidly throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

DSM will continue to partner with Drop Water to help them deliver a valuable end product that is sure to displace harmful plastic bottles. They will support them with access to high-quality ingredients and industry guidance. This partnership is just one example of how KitchenTown uses its global network of industry partners to support budding food startups. By forming these strategic partnerships, we help drive the growth of a new company, and increase the positive impact they are making on our food system.

Drop Water’s first Drop Station installed at San Jose International Airport in November 2018.