Yup, it’s that time of year again.  Hopefully, your upcoming holiday plans are filled with great food and loved ones.  We put together this short little guide to help you give mindfully this year.  Maybe you give them to your family and friends, maybe you keep them for yourself.  Happy holidays!

Kraut Source & Recipe Bundle – $40
KitchenTown Maker Karen Diggs invented the perfect tool for fermenting at home.  This stainless steel mason jar attachment allows you to ferment any veggies, big or small batch, in the comfort of your own home.  Kraut Source presses the fermenting vegetables in any wide mouth mason jar, while maintaining a water seal.

BreadBox Beginning Baking Series – $85
Anyone can make delicious, fresh, high-quality bread at home with the BreadBox Beginner Baking Series.  This box has everything you need to get baking: pre-measured ingredient packs, 5 special tools, and a detailed cookbook.

Cowgirl Creamery Truffle Tam Home Kit – $75
Indulge in some of the Bay Area’s finest cheese.  This special kit includes 2 rounds of the triple-cream Mt Tam cheese, Black Truffle Pate from Italy and sea salt and olive oil crackers.  Spread the truffle pate between the two Mt Tam rounds and enjoy. 

Bees Wrap – assorted 3 pack $18
Bees Wrap is a natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage.  It’s made out of organic cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin.  It is washable, reusable, compostable, and a great way to quit your dependence on plastic bags, saran wrap or other disposable food storage items. 

Salt Point Seaweed Starter Kit – $48
Salt Point Seaweed is a team of three women who wild-harvest seaweed on the Northern California Coast.  All of their seaweed is dried in the sun for maximum freshness and optimal taste.  High in essential minerals and amino acids, seaweed is a nutritious, low calorie, and delicious addition to any kitchen.  This starter kit, is the perfect introduction for a seaweed newbie, or a great gift for a seasoned chef.

Season by Nik Sharma – $22 
Nik Sharma is the writer, photographer, and recipe developer behind the SF Chronicle’s blog, A Brown Kitchen.  Based out of Oakland, CA, he is quickly becoming an iconic new chef with his interpretation of Indian-American cuisine and beautiful low-light photography.  His first cookbook, Season, is not to be missed.

ReGrained Bars – 15% off
Whether you need a boost of energy, a quick snack, or want to support reducing food waste – ReGrained bars a a great gift and conversation starter.  Get 15% off with the code KITCHENTOWN at regrained.com.

Eat Makhana – $16 for a 4 pack
Guilt free snacking has arrived!  Lightly roasted and seasoned, popped water lily seeds, also known as Makhana are an allergen free, high-protein snack that will help you get you through the day.

KitchenTown Café Gift Card – any amount
That’s right, we have gift cards!  Pick one up in the café for a friend or for yourself.