Our Approach

Growing a food company is not like growing any other kind of company. The food space is filled with variables—from refrigerated distribution needs to seasonal ingredients to packaging ideas that no machine can do (yet)—and being in service of those emerging companies means we have to listen deeply, stay adaptable, and hit the ground running when our founders do. We’re a house of exhilarating, organized chaos. But that’s the energy of creating something new and successful, on a new frontier: it’s scrappy and inspired.

We bring structure and support to that chaos to help our founders harness and direct its energy towards improving our food system. We provide infrastructure and expert guidance, and the right tools at the right times. We tap our vast network of mentors and industry veterans to help guide the next generation of entrepreneurs, and give them space to guide each other too. At the end of the day, founders understand founders better than anyone, and leaning on each other is how some of them grow the most. 

So that’s what we do. We’ll help you ideate, create, and grow your company in the smartest way possible. And if there’s anything we don’t know or don’t have already, we’ll be the ones to find it for you. Every company that comes through KitchenTown enriches our community with the experience and knowledge that future founders can use. The world is changing quickly, and we’re here to help you feed it.

Make Your Mark on the Future of Food

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