Strategic partnerships offer a special opportunity for startups to leverage their ability to innovate with the resources and knowledge capital of big food brands.


For a small company, the right partnership opens doors to wisdom, capital, and the otherwise untouchable resources of a big brand—from food scientists to specialized equipment to extra support developing formulas and flavors. And everything in between.


Strategic partnerships work best when it’s a two-way street. We know that big companies can offer valuable resources, but startups too bring their own know-how and messaging that speaks to a new generation of consumers that established brands are seeking to reach.


Small, nimble, boot-strapped startups operate efficiently—developing and launching products on quick and flexible timelines. Strategic partnerships offer bigger brands opportunities to invest in new brands and their responsive approaches.

Open Innovation at KitchenTown

We match selected startups with corporate food brands to forge meaningful, high-value relationships that promote mutual growth and strategic partnerships. It makes sense: Big food brands offer startups brand building experience, technical expertise, and capital; while startups offer established corporations a fresh perspective, innovative ideas and unconventional solutions. Thoughtful introductions are made, partnerships nurtured, and strategic outcomes are explored.

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