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Tap into our vast network of resources and join our growing community of food entrepreneurs.


We’ve built a global network of industry contacts and established brands that we partner with for insight, experience and resources.  We strive to create meaningful, high-value relationships that promote mutual growth and food system change.  Areas of collaboration include:

  • Business consultation and collaboration 
  • Funding and investment opportunities
  • Access to technology, manufacturing, and resources

Workshops & events

We host regular workshops and events that serve as a learning lab for founders.  We bring in experienced mentors and industry experts who offer valuable insight and guidance.  

From designing strategies to pivoting gracefully, founders glean practical skills and learn what works and doesn’t, and how to move forward successfully.


KitchenTown has everything you need to get your food business off the ground.  Whether it’s product design, brand development, sales and distribution, operations and supply chain, finance, or regulatory compliance, we can support you with the knowledge you need and a vast network at our fingertips.  

Founders leading founders

At the end of the day, those who understand best the unique challenges of building a company are the founders themselves.  Our Founders’ Grange gathers for monthly, half-day peer group sessions where they work together to tackle the issues of the day and support one another though critical growth periods.  


DSM Partners with Drop Water to Eliminate Plastic Bottled Water

When KitchenTown introduced Drop Water to DSM, the largest nutrition company in the world, both companies immediately saw an opportunity to collaborate and add value to an already innovative product.



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