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KitchenTown is proud to partner with Chef Yana Gilbuena for an installment of the SALO Series featuring regional Filipino food. With sustainability in mind, this three-course meal will be served family-style on banana leaves and diners will eat with their hands. When the meal is complete, what remains will be compostable and recyclable. This unique multi-sensory dining experience will allow attendees to challenge our expectations of dining out and celebrate community through food. This event is family-friendly and a vegetarian option is available upon request.


Atchara: flash pickled red cabbage in spicy coconut vinegar

Coconut Safflower Garlic Rice

Mushroom Sisig: Shiitake, oyster, woodear and enoki mushrooms, sautéed in calamansi, gf soy and Thai chilies, topped with Japanese mayo

Humba: pork shoulder braised in pineapple, sweet soy, palm sugar, star anise and salted black beans

Ube macapuno bibingka: purple yam rice cake with preserved young coconut


Chef Yana Gilbuena hails from Ilolio, a city found on the island of Panay in the Phillipines. An adventerous spirit, Yana’s on a mission to is on a mission to share regional Filipino cooking with the world. She founded the SALO Series, a traveling dinner series that brought pop-up dinners to all fifty states. The SALO Series has expanded to Canada and Mexico. A cookbook based on her American travel experiences, No Forks Given, is forthcoming.


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1007 Howard Ave.
San Mateo, CA 94401

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