Talk to KitchenTown to ideate or scale your food brand.

Talk to KitchenTown to ideate or scale your food brand.

Corporate Services

Flexible co-creation & innovation

Our nimble team meets tight deadlines, innovates efficiently, and collaborates openly.    


We’ll help you develop a product from concept to shelf on an accelerated timeline.  Our relationships with ingredient companies, packaging suppliers, brand designers, co-manufacturers and our in-house innovation lab allow us to build-out projects based on their unique needs.  Our team brings impact driven products to market all year round and we’re ready to plug in and hit the ground running on the next big idea. 


With over 30 different food startups scaling up under our roof, a satellite location in Berlin, and a global network of partners – we have our finger on the pulse of food innovation.  We search for outstanding brands in the food and beverage industry and build meaningful relationships with them. We are a trusted advocate, scout, and matchmaker.

Our Discovery Program helps large food companies connect with small innovative startups for new opportunities and a greater positive impact on our food system.  


Food and beverage innovation is happening all around us. On a daily basis we see new ideas from legacy and young brands, entrepreneurs, scientists, and innovators from every corner of the globe. Purpose driven projects that will make a positive change on our food system.

These projects present opportunities to create ventures and KitchenTown is uniquely positioned to get early looks and form partnerships to fund, develop, commercialize, prove these concepts in the market.  We have a network of partners and are ready to co-create new opportunities.


Barilla & ReGrained Innovation Partnership

Barilla, the world’s largest pasta manufacturer, wants to meet food startups that are defining the future of food.  They created BLU1877, a venture capital fund to invest in food startups with promising futures and their first publicly disclosed investment was in ReGrained, a KitchenTown maker.



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