Flexible co-creation & innovation


New Product Ideation

We’ll help you develop a product from concept to shelf on an accelerated timeline.  Our relationships with ingredient companies, packaging suppliers, brand designers, co-manufacturers and our in-house innovation lab allow us to build-out projects based on their unique needs.  Our team brings impact driven products to market all year round and we’re ready to plug in and hit the ground running on the next big idea. 

Custom Accelerators

Corporate innovation is often slow to react to market needs. Faster, more agile innovation is coming from entrepreneurs with varied backgrounds driven by founder purpose, authenticity, and entrepreneurial spirit. KitchenTown knows hundreds of these founders. We’re uniquely positioned to uncover healthy, innovative, high-potential early stage food and FoodTech companies who are open to collaboration on solving tough challenges. Our custom accelerators connect your corporate teams to these burgeoning companies and produce tangible results and valuable learning that can move the whole industry forward.

Consumer Research and Ethnographies

Understanding the consumer landscape is an important facet of developing and launching a product. Our skilled team of researchers and ethnographers dive deep into the psyche of customer behavior to better understand lifestyles and purchasing habits in order to properly identify your target markets and demographics. Working closely with your team, we focus on your company’s goals to ensure actionable insights and organization strategy-defining results. Our onsite cafe and kitchen also allow for sensory and likeability testing with a hands on approach to understanding the viability of your product.


With over 30 different food startups scaling up under our roof, a satellite location in Berlin, and a global network of partners – we have our finger on the pulse of food innovation. We search for outstanding brands in the food and beverage industry and build meaningful relationships with them. We are a trusted advisor, scout, and matchmaker who can help you navigate through the ocean of trends reports and get closer to the source of who and what is changing the industry . We build deep relationships with corporate CPG and ingredient companies in order to understand your priorities, challenges, and company quirks so that we can curate relevant, useful reports. Our flexible range of methodologies deliver a comprehensive, big-picture view of food innovation while also creating opportunities to take action.


Barilla & ReGrained Innovation Partnership

Barilla, the world’s largest pasta manufacturer, wants to meet food startups that are defining the future of food.  They created BLU1877, a venture capital fund to invest in food startups with promising futures and their first publicly disclosed investment was in ReGrained, a KitchenTown maker.



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