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Presenting the Bay Area’s first culinary celebration of edible upcycling! Edible upcycling — a term coined by ReGrained — refers to the creative rendering of nutritious but overlooked ingredients into delicious, sustainable food.

ReGrained’s flagship upcycled ingredient is SuperGrain+ flour, crafted in partnership with some of the Bay Area’s favorite craft breweries. This innovative flour is made from the nutritious grain created every time that beer is brewed. Brewing beer extracts the sugar, but concentrates and leaves behind the other nutrients. SuperGrain+ offers more plant protein and fiber than every other grain flour on the market — while enhancing flavor and function.

Now, for the first time, ReGrained will debut the culinary potential of SuperGrain+ flour with a three-course menu. Chef Philip Saneski (ReGrained’s VP of Product) in partnership with Chef Nate Keller (Culinary Director at KitchenTown Café) have paired their talents to craft original, unforgettable SuperGrain+ dishes featuring other upcycled and locally sourced ingredients.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to taste the future of food. Discover the depth of flavor hiding in these upcycled ingredients and ponder the potential they unlock for our food system to do more with less.

Delicious vegan options will be offered for every course. Limited tickets available — purchase in advance to guarantee a seat.

All proceeds will be donated to Food Shift, a nonprofit dedicated to developing solutions that reduce wasted food, feed communities, and provide jobs.

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets include tax and gratuity, and are for indoor or outdoor tables at 5:30 pm, 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm. Beer and wine are available for separate purchase at indoor tables only.

ReGrained’s mission is to eliminate food waste through edible upcycling. We are a mission-driven food-tech company that is transforming food waste and byproducts into tasty superfoods.

KitchenTown builds successful food and beverage startups by providing entrepreneurs with commercialization facilities and expertise to scale up all aspects of their company. Through a full range of services — from educational programs and an innovation center to partnering opportunities and access to capital — KitchenTown accelerates companies from concept to small-scale production.

Food Shift is a Bay Area nonprofit dedicated to developing solutions that reduce wasted food, feed communities, and provide jobs. The Food Shift Kitchen is a unique social enterprise that transforms food that would have been wasted into nutritious meals for the community, while providing employment and workforce development training for the formerly homeless.


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