NOW OPEN! Scale your company in an 8-week accelerator with Barilla's venture group, BLU1877.

NOW OPEN! Scale your company in an 8-week accelerator with Barilla's venture group, BLU1877.


Solve challenges, scale solutions, shape the future.

Through Good Food Makers, spend 8 weeks working one-on-one with a dedicated team of Barilla managers to accelerate your growth in areas like supply chain, market testing, and brand identity. It’s a primarily-remote, tailored program designed to meet you where you are. No cost or equity to participate, and each of the four selected companies receives $10,000 for use in a pilot project during the program.

         How it works:
Meet with a custom-built Barilla team to identify main challenges.
Set goals for the next 8 weeks and brainstorm solutions.
 Experiment, test, and prototype with Barilla.
Post-program opportunities include ongoing technical support and mentorship, your first corporate partner, investment opportunities, and more.

This program is focused on finding and activating creative, innovative solutions to promote human well-being and planetary resilience through food. This year’s particular areas of interest include circular economies, nutritious convenience food, and increasing health and transparency for the consumer.

Apply now! Entries are reviewed on a rolling basis.



How might we add value to Barilla’s side streams to create a healthy, safe, and nutritious circular food system?


How might we create new products and services that fit into a busy lunchtime routine, while also delivering nutritious and sustainable food?



How might we make, cook, pack, or deliver pasta-based meals in order to guarantee high performance when it reaches the home dining table?


How might we leverage Barilla’s deep nutrition and sustainability data to improve reliability and accuracy of food ranking platforms, while also promoting more transparency from food companies? 


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