UPDATE: KitchenTown Curbside now offering pickup on Tuesdays & Saturdays!

UPDATE: KitchenTown Curbside now offering pickup on Tuesdays & Saturdays!







Announcing Good Food Maker’s Inaugural Cohort! 

Meal Solutions

Anycart is the grocery shopping app that solves what’s for dinner tonight. Shop any meal you crave for in one click and get all the groceries you need for the week. Free delivery or store pickup from your favorite grocery retailer.

Circular Food Economy

Renewal Mill is a next generation ingredient company upcycling byproducts from food manufacturing into premium ingredients.

Healthy Snacking

Youpeas is the first range of 100% chickpea-based cookies and soft cakes. These plant-based organic products are free from gluten, palm oil and refined sugars. Snack on plant-based protein!

Good Food Makers

 Leverage Barilla’s technical expertise and extensive network to solve your immediate challenges. Test, prototype, and collaborate with Barilla’s team of experts in a flexible 8-week program designed to solve your current challenges.  Entrepreneurs selected for this program will tap into Barilla’s vast network and expertise in food development, marketing, manufacturing, supply chain and distribution. The program includes a 1-week stay at Barilla HQ and pilot plant in Parma, Italy, the Italian food valley. No cost or equity to participate. Stay tuned for the next focus areas and open application period. 

Applications are now closed.

Cohort 2 application cycle delayed due to COVID-19.

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