We’re partnering with Japanese e-commerce platform, Oisix, to help innovative food startups sell their products in Japan.



Oisix began selling organic fruits and vegetables online in 2000 and today they have over 200,000 monthly subscribers that look to Oisix to provide their homes with food they can trust.  Oisix works directly with local farmers in Japan to source the best produce possible. They are committed to helping to build and support a more sustainable food system. Through their online platform, they are making it easier and more convenient for people to eat healthy and varied diets. In addition to fresh produce, they also sell meal kits, grocery items, and pantry staples.  


KitchenTown is thrilled to be working with Oisix on a new part of their e-commerce platform – an Innovative Products page. This page will feature a collection of food products, curated by KitchenTown, that are shelf stable, better-for-you, healthy, and of course, innovative. Food startups that are selected to be a part of the KitchenTown/Oisix collection will ship inventory to a warehouse in San Francisco, CA and Oisix will handle all exporting logistics.  Some re-labeling may be necessary depending on the product, but this is meant to be the easiest international sale you’ve ever made.


There is no catch. By connecting small food startups with larger companies that have established networks and larger resources, we can accelerate the growth of new, innovative ideas and help drive positive change in our food system.  Our Partnerships Program matches startups with legacy food brands to forge mutually beneficial relationships so that both parties can grow together.

Are you an innovative, better-for-you food startup?

Want to sell in Japan?