This weekend, KitchenTown collaborated with the food innovation arm of the Stanford D.School to host a food-focused, design thinking bootcamp for food entrepreneurs. 

Black Sesame‘s mission is to help early stage food startups understand their market and identify new product opportunities through human-centered design thinking.  Led by Soh Kim and KitchenTown’s founder Rusty Schwartz, 10 food entrepreneurs were invited to take part in a 3-day workshop to design, prototype, and market an innovative food product. The challenge was to create something user-centric and sugar-free.    

Low-sugar and no-sugar diets are becoming more and more common as people move away from this tropically harvested commodity.  Over the weekend our entrepreneurs teamed up to interviewed random participants about their relationship with sugar and then developed a product that could satisfy a sweet craving with no-added sugar. 

We were blown away by the creativity and resourcefulness of the group.  All of our founders ended the weekend with a ready-to-eat product and a marketing proposition to explain the story behind it.  We are looking forward to more collaborations with Black Sesame and the Stanford Food Research Institute!

Some participating entrepreneurs included: 
Elite Sweets – gluten-free, keto friendly protein donut for athletes.  
Earth Table – globally inspired spice blends
Bears Nutrition – Nutritional shakes for kids
Cult Crackers – organic, gluten-free powerseed crackers